Conference and upcomming events
In Vitro lung models training 2019, 14-15 November 2019
Thu 14 Nov 2019


Epithelix will host an Altertox Academy training on the 14th-15th November 2019 in its Headquarters (Geneva, Switzerland).
Key experts from Scaht, Hepia, Vitrocell and AlveoliX will present latest advances in in vitro lung modelling and regulatory issues.
These 2 days will include hands-on training and lectures covering practical use of respiratory in vitro 3D tissues and exposure devices to evaluate inhalation toxicity, disease modelling and drug efficacy such as:

  •   In vitro models and tests for inhalation toxicity assessment
  •   Exposure strategies and devices for testing at the Air-Liquid Interface
  •   Interconnection of respiratory tissues and online detection of their integrity
  •   A breathing human alveolus-on-chip: applications in toxicology and clinically-relevant in vitro testing 





If not be able to attend physically, an interactive live Webinar will be organized for the lecture sessions.