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Epithelix won the trophy for innovation awarded be the Swiss and French Commercial and Industrial Chamber (CFSCI). Epithelix is rewarded for its unique technology, its rapid development and its management team.


Epithelix won Geneva young industry price 2010 rewarding the high degree of innovation of its products, its unique technology and its rapid development.

Geneva Young Industry Price 2010

The Doerenkamp-Zbinden foundation for alternative in biomedecine awards a price for the poster presented by Epithelix at the 7th world congress on alternatives and animal uses in life science. 

Doerenkamp-Zbinden Poster Prize 2009

 Epithelix won the Michel Baettig 2009 Prize.

 Epithelix was awarded for its team spirit, its success and its potential.

Michel Baettig 2009 Prize
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