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Conference and upcomming events
LIVE 2020 - Nice, France, July 2020
Fri 31 Jul 2020

Epithelix is glad to announce the second edition of LIVe congress the 2nd and 3rd of July 2020 that will take place in Nice, France!

The meeting will focus on predictive in vitro lung models designed for basic research, efficacy and toxicity testing. It aims to present the state-of-art of in vitro lung models, and to map out the route for its future development and use.

Information and subscription here

Conference and upcomming events
SOT 2020, Anaheim, 15-19 March 2020
Sun 15 Mar 2020

As for many year now, we will be presenting our latest advances in the field of in vitro inhalation toxicology at the SOT 2020.

Meet us at our booth #710 !

SOT 2020
Conference and upcomming events
The ALT-AIR Project
Thu 05 Mar 2020

THE ALT-AIR PROJECT is a fund raising campaign aiming to enhance the support to non animal testing alternatives.

Every one can help, financially or by relaying the information.

The goal is to finance directly free of charge in vitro human reconstituted airway epitheliums produced by Epithelix to academic research groups.

Conference and upcomming events
In Vitro lung models training 2019, 14-15 November 2019
Thu 14 Nov 2019


Epithelix will host an Altertox Academy training on the 14th-15th November 2019 in its Headquarters (Geneva, Switzerland).
Key experts from Scaht, Hepia, Vitrocell and AlveoliX will present latest advances in in vitro lung modelling and regulatory issues.
These 2 days will include hands-on training and lectures covering practical use of respiratory in vitro 3D tissues and exposure devices to evaluate inhalation toxicity, disease modelling and drug efficacy such as:

  •   In vitro models and tests for inhalation toxicity assessment
  •   Exposure strategies and devices for testing at the Air-Liquid Interface
  •   Interconnection of respiratory tissues and online detection of their integrity
  •   A breathing human alveolus-on-chip: applications in toxicology and clinically-relevant in vitro testing 





If not be able to attend physically, an interactive live Webinar will be organized for the lecture sessions.

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