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Linsey E. Haswell, Sarah Corke, Ivan Verrastro, Andrew Baxter, Anisha Banerjee, Jason Adamson, Tomasz Jaunky, Christopher Proctor, Marianna Gaça & Emmanuel Minet

Scientific Reports volume 8, Article number: 1145 (2018)

In vitro RNA-seq-based toxicogenomics assessment shows reduced biological effect of tobacco heating products when compared to cigarette smoke

Hoffmann Wiebke, Gradinaru Julieta, Farcal Lucian, Caul-Futy Mireille, Huang Song, Wiszniewski Ludovic, Parissis Nikolaos, Morath Siegfried, Fortaner Salvador, Cole Thomas, Reginato Emilie, Carrupt Pierre-Alain, Constant Samuel, and Coecke Sandra

Applied In Vitro Toxicology

Establishment of a Human 3D Tissue-Based Assay for Upper Respiratory Tract Absorption

Daniel W Brookes, Matthew Coates, Heather Allen, Leah Daly, Samuel Constant, Song Huang, Mark Hows, Amanda Davis, Lindsey Cass, John Ayrton, Ian Knowles, Pete Strong, Garth W Rapeport, Kazuhiro Ito

British Journal of Pharmacology-26 March 2018

Late therapeutic intervention with a respiratory syncytial virus L‐protein polymerase inhibitor, PC786, on RSV infection in human airway epithelium

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