Management team

From left to right

Dr. Samuel Constant
Dr. Samuel Constant, Ph.D, COO, Co-Founder of Epithelix, is a synthetic organic chemist, with 12 years of research experiences in several countries (Switzerland, France, UK and Japan). He also has expertise in in vitro test method development. He is in charge of the Management, Business Development and Partnership of the company. Samuel is also CEO of OncoTheis.

Dr. Song Huang
Dr. Song Huang, Ph.D, CSO, Co-Founder of Epithelix, is a molecular and cellular biologist with 20 years of research experience in different fields in several countries (France, USA, and Switzerland). He also has expertise in signal transduction, gene regulation and genetic diseases such as Cystic fibrosis.

Dr. Ludovic Wiszniewski
Dr. Ludovic Wiszniewski, Ph.D, CEO, Co-Founder of Epithelix, is an expert in cell biology. He has a 15 years of experience in reconstituting human in vitro tissues. He did his Ph.D thesis on the reconstitution and characterization of human skin equivalents using hair follicles. He then successfully reconstituted human airway epithelium, our core product at the initial phase of the Epithelix's development.