Human 3D in vitro lung cancer model

OncoCilAir™ is a novel in vitro 3D human lung cancer model which combines a functional reconstituted human airway epithelium, human lung fibroblasts and lung adenocarcinoma cells in a 24 wells transwell insert format.

OncoCilAir™ transwell
OncoCilAir™ transwell insert culture (A) with GFP+
adenocarcinoma cells (B) growing as 3D nodules
in the human airway epithelium (C).

OncoCilAir™ can be kept in culture for several months, allowing the concurrent testing of drug efficacy, side-toxicity and tumour recurrence.

Human airway epithelium
Typical histological section (H&E) of an OncoCilAir™ culture showing a tumor nodule invading the surrounding healthy human airway epithelium.


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