Intranasal/Intrabronchial permeation of inhaled drugs/xenobiotics on a fully differentiated human airway epithelium (MucilAir™)



This assay is designed to assess the permeability of chemical compounds across upper-airway epithelium, namely the Permeability coefficient (Papp). The assay is directional: from apical to baso-lateral, or from basolateral to apical compartment. Test compound is added to the apical or at the basolateral side of MucilAir. Permeability is measured by monitoring the appearance of the test compound on other side of the epithelium using LC-MS or ICP-MS.

We deliver the mean apparent permeability coefficients (Papp) for the test compound and control compounds with known human absorption rate (Papp).

Permeability constant
x Permeability-constant
Permeability constant (Papp A->B) of 33 Reference compounds


Papp, Asymmetry Index, TEER values.

Transports and corresponding asymmetry ratio
Example A->B and B->A transports and corresponding asymmetry ratio


  1. Tissue integrity monitoring: TEER measurement (quantitative) before and after chemical exposure. In case that the tissue integrity is affected (TEER observed is < 100 Ω.cm2), data of corresponding test compound is discarded.
  2. Cilia beating monitoring: Evaluation of cilia beating (qualitative) before and after chemical exposure.
  3. References: For each series, controls with a high permeability molecule (Salicilic Acid) and a low permeability molecule (Atenolol) are included.

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