MucilAir™: A unique 3D Human Airway Epithelia reconstituted in vitro

General features of MucilAir™

MucilAir™ is available from:

Schematic representation of MucilAir™

MucilAir™ characteristics:

Morphology and Histology of MucilAir™:

  1. Radial cut of MucilAir™: C=Ciliated cells; M=Mucus cells; B=Basal cells.
  2. Cross section of cilia, the microtubules’ organization is visible.
  3. Tight junction between two cells of MucilAir™.
  4. Beginning of ciliogenesis.

Ciliogenesis of MucilAir™:

Cilia formation
x Cilia formation

A time course of cilia formation monitored by anti-β tubulin immunostaining over 60 days.
Actin tubulin
Co-staining of actin (phalloidin) and tubulin (anti-β tubulin antibody) on a 30 days old MucilAir epithelium.

After 45 days the epithelia are fully differentiated and ciliogenesis is complete, the result can be observed by Electron Microscopy:

x Epithelia

Photo courtesy of Charles River Laboratories (www.criver.com)


Videomicroscopy of MucilAir™:

Videomicroscopy of a MucilAir™ epithelium reconstituted from a Healthy donor. Coal dusts were applied on top of the epithelium, we can see an organization of the muco-ciliary clearance.

Videomicroscopy of a MuciAir™ epithelium reconstituted from a patient suffering Cystic Fibrosis. Coal dusts were applied on top of the epithelium but no muco-ciliary clearance is visible.