Company Profile

Epithelix Sàrl provides alternative in vitro solutions to animal experimentation (NAM - Non-Animal Methodologies, and MPS - Micro Physiologycal Systems) for evaluating the effects of drugs in development and assess the toxicity of chemical compounds on the human respiratory tract.

Epithelix is a biotech company founded in March 2006 and located in Geneva, Switzerland. Its founders are experienced scientists from University of Geneva with special expertise and know-how for in vitro reconstitutions of human and animal tissues. The company, being self-financed, proved its economic viability and invested in independent research and production facilities in December 2007. The company is the European leading provider of in vitro reconstituted human respiratory tissues and related services to leading academic research laboratories. Epithelix also supplies and supports Personal Care, Medical Device, as well as Chemical and Pharmaceutical.

Epithelix developed a unique technology allowing reconstituted tissues to be maintained at a homeostatic state for a long period of time; in other words, the tissues resemble the native tissue both morphologically and functionally (see our products page). The company focused initially on the respiratory system and marketed MucilAir™, the only human respiratory epithelium model able to remain fully differentiated and functional for more than one year. This model is commercialized and available in US, Europe and Asia.

Although we are mainly involved in the in vitro solutions for preclinical researches, we are also active in several research projects related to clinical therapeutic purposes, for treating patients suffering from respiratory diseases such as cancers.

Using its own commercialized products, Epithelix also offers, as a CRO, innovative in vitro testing services in its laboratory (see our services page).

Epithelix is headquartered in Plan-les-Ouates, close to Geneva, Switzerland with a subsidiary in France. Epithelix has been recognized for its scientific and commercial achievements with a number of national and international awards.

Management Team

Dr. Samuel Constant

Dr. Samuel Constant

Dr. Samuel Constant, Ph.D, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder of Epithelix, is a synthetic organic chemist, with 20 years of research experiences in several countries (Switzerland, France, UK and Japan). He also has expertise in in vitro test method development. He is in charge of the company's global Management, Business Development and Partnership. Samuel is also CEO of OncoTheis.

Dr. Song Huang

Dr. Song Huang

Dr. Song Huang, Ph.D, Chief Scientific Officer, Co-Founder of Epithelix, is a molecular and cellular biologist with 30 years of research experience in different fields and in several countries (France, USA, and Switzerland). He also has expertise in signal transduction, gene regulation and genetic diseases such as Cystic fibrosis.

Dr Ludovic Wiszniewski

Dr Ludovic Wiszniewski

Dr. Ludovic Wiszniewski, Ph.D, Chief Innovation Officer, Co-Founder of Epithelix, is an expert in cell biology. He has 25 years of experience in reconstituting human in vitro tissues. He did his Ph.D thesis on the reconstitution and characterization of human skin equivalents using hair follicles. He then successfully reconstituted human airway epithelium, our core product at the initial phase of the Epithelix' development. Ludovic is also CEO of Epithelix-Holding.


Bernadett Boda, Research Scientist, CRO project oversight

Caroline Chojnacki, lab technician

Charlène Constant, customer and administrative assistant

Christine Caul-Futy, lab technician

Cindia Ferreira, Research assistant and services

Damien Jaccard, accountant

Guy Barbin, Research assistant and services

Jimmy Vernaz, lab technician

Karin Weber, administrative assistant

Laurent Wiszniewski, logistic technician

Mendy Bouveret, engineer research and services

Mireille Caul-Futy, lab manager

Nicolas Simonnet, IT manager

Rosy Bonfante, lab technician - trainer

Xiao-Yann Huang, customer assistant manager

Anaïs Horckmans, Research assistant and services

Loris Levet, Master student

Dieu Khanh An Nguyen, Master student

Alumni - Trained by Epithelix

Paul Alouani, customer assistant
Sacha Benaoudia, Master student
Emilie Ferreira, lab technician
Ina Fureraj, Master student
Matia Gojun, lab technician
Gowsinth Gunasingam, Master student
Faten Hussein, Master student
Marc Lanzillo, lab technician
Mélany Monachino, Master student
Rebecca Pimenta, lab technician
Imen Larafa, Master student
Eleonora Martinelli, Master student
Camila Ferreira, Master student
Florian Shala, Master student
Carole Bertinetti, engineer research and services
Sabina Widmer, Master student
Ophélie Le Guen, lab technician
Loris Levet, Master student