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General Information

Epithelix is offering cryopreserved primary resident Alveolar Macrophages, isolated from human lungs.

Our macrophages are motile and able to phagocyte.


These cells are suitable for co-culture with 3D epithelium such as SmallAir™.

Description and Maintenance

Cells are supplied in a cryogenic vial containing more than 1'000'000 viable cells in a volume of 1 mL of freezing medium. The vials with cryo-conserved cells will be shipped on dry-ice. Upon arrival, the cells must be taken out and transferred to a storage facility with liquid nitrogen (-196 °C).


Alveolar macrophages are CD45+, HLA-DR+ / CD14-


Our macrophages can be used in co-culture with tissues.

The co-culture model has a good barrier function and is functional, exerting phagocytosis.

Quality Control

All batches are performance-assayed and tested negative for HIV-1, mycoplasma, hepatitis-B, hepatitis-C, bacteria, yeast and fungi.