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Cilia-X : software for batch CBF analysis


The aim of this analysis is to measure the average cilia beating frequency (in Hz) and percentage of an epithelium active area.


Software tools to measure Cilia Beating Frequency (CBF) are rare and not often comfortable to work with, so we developed our own CBF analysis software: Cilia-X.

The process is straightforward :

  • The user takes images of the epithelium and saves them as sequences in folders or video files.
  • When all the sequences are saved, the user can run the analysis in batch mode.

It works on image series or videos files captured at high speed (commonly 125 fps), and enables to analyse a folder containing hundreds of image series with one click.

The analysis is fast (typically less than 7 seconds on a mid-end desktop for series of 256 images).

At the end of the analysis, an interactive report is created for each image sequence, containing all the measured frequencies and general statistics.


The user can interactively view individual frequencies and navigate in the distribution curve

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