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Mucolytic activity evaluation


The aim of this assay is to perform a short-term (1 and 4 days) evaluation of the effect of compounds on mucociliary clearance, cilia beating frequency and mucus secretion on a fully differentiated human airway epithelium (MucilAir™).

Illustration of cilia beating and mucociliary clearance on MucilAir™

Enhancement of mucolytic activity in normal MucilAir™

Effect of isoproterenol and apical saline solution on MucilAir™-Normal after 24h exposure. Isoproterenol significantly increases both cilia beating frequency and mucociliary clearance.

Mucociliary clearance restoration in disease state (Mucilair™-CF)

Mucociliary clearance on MucilAir™-CF, untreated

Mucociliary clearance on MucilAir™-CF, treated

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