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AlveolAir™ (AA) : In vitro 3D human alveolar epithelium

General features of AlveolAir™

AlveolAir™ is an in vitro cell model of the human alveolar epithelium cultured at the air liquid interface.

We produce AlveolAir™ with high standards of quality and reproducibility.

  • Reconstituted using primary human pneumocytes (ATI/ATII) and endothelial cells
  • Remains fully differentiated and functional for long term
  • Cultured in chemically defined serum-free medium
  • Available today for services

AlveolAir™ characteristics

  • Air-liquid interface (ALI) model
  • Surfactant production
  • Tight junctions and good barrier function
  • Cytokines and chemokines release
  • Long term culturing of ATI and ATII


Figure representing major characteristics of AlveolAir