SmallAir™: A unique 3D Human Small Airway Epithelia reconstituted in vitro

General features of SmallAir™

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Schematic representation of SmallAir™

SmallAir™ characteristics:

Histology of SmallAir™:

CC-10 Staining (Marker of Clara Cells)

H/E Alcian Blue staining

MUC-5AC staining (marker of Goblet cells)

Expression of CC-10 Protein in MucilAir™ and SmallAir™

CC-10 was detected by Western Blot. As expected, SmallAir™ contained few Muc5-Ac positive cells (goblet cells). In contrast, CC-10 was not detected in MucilAir™. Instead, Muc-5Ac was highly expressed in MucilAir™.