productionlicensesdecision makingdecision making modelindustrial firmsjoint-venturecommercialize technology assetsexploitation strategymarketing and saleslicensingtechnology managementautomated tissue engineeringtissue engineeringcompaniesproduction technology iptcommercializationdisembodied technological knowledge commercializationknowledge managementtechnology exploitationspin-off
Commercialize technology assets comprehensively: A case study for Automated Tissue Engineering
2012 Proceedings of PICMET '12: Technology Management for Emerging Technologies
Toni Drescher, Guenther Schuh
Abstracts of the 35th Annual Meeting of the United Kingdom Environmental Mutagen Society, 16th–18th July 2012 at Swansea University, UK
mechanistic understandingskin sensitizationin vitro modelsin chemico modelsin silico modelsgene biomarkersrespiratory sensitizationsensitizationpotency
Chemical Sensitization and Allergotoxicology
Molecular, Clinical and Environmental Toxicology: Volume 3: Environmental Toxicology
Rosette L. Van Den Heuvel, Nathalie Lambrechts, Sandra Verstraelen, Inge C. Nelissen, Greet E. R. Schoeters
animal model frameworkvalue of safety pharmacologymucilair™organs on chiptelemetry measurement of cardiovascular parametershuman ipsc-cardiomyocytes for cardiotoxicitynephrotoxicity modelsreceptorome space definition, computational analysis, clinical safety studies essential for marketing authorization
2011 Annual Meeting of the Safety Pharmacology Society: an overview
Expert Opinion on Drug Safety
Icilio Cavero
Receptor binding properties, cell tropism and transmission of influenza A virus
Neeltje van Doremalen
Actin coating and compression of fused secretory vesicles are essential for surfactant secretion – a role for Rho, formins and myosin II
Journal of Cell Science
Pika Miklavc, Elena Hecht, Nina Hobi, Oliver H. Wittekindt, Paul Dietl, Christine Kranz, Manfred Frick
Drug-mediated toxicity: illuminating the ‘bad’ in the test tube by means of cellular assays?
Trends in Pharmacological Sciences
Tewes Tralau, Andreas Luch
medical / clinical medicinemedical / pulmonary & thoracic medicine
Cystic Fibrosis: Renewed Hopes Through Research
Dinesh Sriramulu
Disruption of cytokeratin-8 interaction with F508del-CFTR corrects its functional defect
Human Molecular Genetics
Julien Colas, Grazyna Faure, Emilie Saussereau, Stéphanie Trudel, Wael M. Rabeh, Sara Bitam, Ida Chiara Guerrera, Janine Fritsch, Isabelle Sermet-Gaudelus, Noëlie Davezac, Franck Brouillard, Gergely L. Lukacs, Harald Herrmann, Mario Ollero, Aleksander Edelman
gene therapypolya sequenceplasmid dnacystic fibrosispromoter/enhancer sequence
CpG-free plasmid expression cassettes for cystic fibrosis gene therapy
Ian A. Pringle, Stephen C. Hyde, Mary M. Connolly, Anna E. Lawton, Bihui Xu, Graciela Nunez-Alonso, Lee A. Davies, Stephanie G. Sumner-Jones, Deborah R. Gill