air-liquid interfacemucilair™gasoline emissionsbronchial epithelial cellstoxicity
Ordinary Gasoline Emissions Induce a Toxic Response in Bronchial Cells Grown at Air-Liquid Interface
International Journal of Molecular Sciences
Tereza Cervena, Michal Vojtisek-Lom, Kristyna Vrbova, Antonin Ambroz, Zuzana Novakova, Fatima Elzeinova, Michal Sima, Vit Beranek, Martin Pechout, David Macoun
Safety assessment of excipients (SAFE) for orally inhaled drug products.
Julia K. Metz, Lara Scharnowske, Fabian Hans, Sabrina Schnur, Katharina Knoth, Horst Zimmer, Markus Limberger, Henrik Groß, Claus Michael Lehr, Marius Hittinger
inhalationtherapeuticsvaccinesnanomedicineaerosolrespiratory drug deliverynanoparticles
Respiratory Drug/Vaccine Delivery Using Nanoparticles
Mucosal Delivery of Drugs and Biologics in Nanoparticles
Joanne M. Ramsey, Alice McCloskey, Rachel Gaul, Elena Fernandez Fernandez, Louise Sweeney, Catherine M. Greene, Ronan Macloughlin, Sally-Ann Cryan
diphtheria toxin (dt)heparin-binding epidermal growth factor-like growth factor precursor (hb egf)sted super-resolution optical microscopycross-reacting material 197 (crm197)resistancemurine
Super-resolution microscopy unveils transmembrane domain-mediated internalization of cross-reacting material 197 into diphtheria toxin-resistant mouse J774A.1 cells and primary rat fibroblasts in vitro
Archives of Toxicology
Maximilian Fellermann, Fanny Wondany, Stefan Carle, Julia Nemeth, Tanmay Sadhanasatish, Manfred Frick, Holger Barth, Jens Michaelis
Toxicity and Gene Expression Profiling of Copper- and Titanium-Based Nanoparticles Using Air–Liquid Interface Exposure
Chemical Research in Toxicology
Matthias Hufnagel, Sarah Schoch, Johanna Wall, Bettina Maria Strauch, Andrea Hartwig
p-glycoproteinintranasal drug administrationblood-brain barrierefflux transportersnose-to-brain delivery3d printed model
Modulation of nose-to-brain delivery of a P-glycoprotein (MDR1) substrate model drug (quinidine) in rats
Brain Research Bulletin
Luca Anna Bors, Ágnes Bajza, Míra Mándoki, Benedek József Tasi, György Cserey, Tímea Imre, Pál Szabó, Franciska Erdő
Macromolecular crowding alone or in combination with other in vitro microenvironment modulators to maintain tenogenic phenotype in vitro
Dimitrios Tsiapalis
Protective effects of tiopronin on oxidatively challenged human lung carcinoma cells (A549)
Free Radical Research
Justin Beltz, Anna Chernatynskaya, Annalise Pfaff, Nuran Ercal
Use of Echinaforce to Prevent Coronavirus Infections EC Microbiology Special Issue -2020
Andreas Schapowal
Rationale of a loading dose initiation for hydroxychloroquine treatment in COVID-19 infection in the DisCoVeRy trial—authors’ response
Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
Minh Patrick Lê, Nathan Peiffer-Smadja, Jeremie Guedj, Nadège Neant, France Mentré, Florence Ader, Yazdan Yazdanpanah, Gilles Peytavin